Daniel Sent Us Back to Detention for 24 Hours! Matt and Rebecca

25 Mar 2021
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Daniel trapped us in after school detention? First Rebecca uploaded "If You Guess The Price, I'll BUY YOUR DREAM CAR Challenge." Next Matt and Rebecca created "Extreme Car Chase To Reveal Secrets! (GTA 5 But In Real Life for 24 Hours)." Finally the Game Master Network made "Eating Only One Color Food For 24 Hours Challenge." Now its Matts turn and Rebecca has to reveal her secret. This time Matt is sent back to the 80's just like in back to the future and is trapped in detention. Since we were sent back to detention for 24 hours we have to compete in different challenges to get out. Do you think we can survive this challenge? This kind of feels like we are back to the future. Matt is looking for Rebecca's twin memories that are missing. Do you think he can find them in time? Hopefully he doesn't go missing for another 24 hours. Can we trust everyone especially Daniel? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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  • Rick Noah and Maddie cheated

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  • Rebecca

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  • They're cheating

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  • Rick Nolan Maddie said we need to make sure Rebecca loses the game

    Jacinda HawkinsJacinda HawkinsDitë më parë
  • Yes I did but I love it

  • when I was 6 I ate lemon and lime for a snack. I'm not kidding I used to love eating lemons and lime.

    Aviva BurtAviva BurtDitë më parë
  • Maddi and riknao said we need to win so we don go to rz

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    Yang LiYang Li4 ditë më parë
  • at 10:07 rick noah did i face reaval

    Alyssa SAlyssa S4 ditë më parë
  • I have never bitten into a lemon when it cut I do well don’t worry but I just squeeze it in a couple of screws in my mouth so I will

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  • Maddie and Rick Noah cheated

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  • I do not like Maddie and Rick Noah because they have a pack to get Rebecca into RV version I DON'T Like THEM

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    يعرب المصرييعرب المصري5 ditë më parë
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  • Rebecca Because you gonna guys

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  • rick noah showecd his face at 15:47

    Kinley O'NeilKinley O'Neil6 ditë më parë
  • Ⓘ ⓦⓐⓝⓣ ⓣⓞ ⓢⓔⓔ Ⓡⓘⓒⓚ Ⓝⓞⓐⓗ ⓕⓐⓒⓔ

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  • Maddie win Rebecca lose sorry Rebecca

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  • i bit a lemon and i loved it becasue i like lemons and sour things

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  • Maddie and Rick Noah cheated

  • They are tricking you Rebecca Mattie and rick noa were looking in the 1st theth straw canga

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  • Ples can dad gren dod shou his fase ples

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    Lady BluuLady Bluu11 ditë më parë
  • What's the secret

    Abigail RamkarranAbigail Ramkarran11 ditë më parë
  • Maddie and Rick Noah trying to make you lose and I don’t use around drink challenge they are so sauce

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  • Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to Detention

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    • A book I’m jona get the summer book on my birthday is i that ok and I love Bubblegum I like to eat it every day I hope this is not another attention I don’t know

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  • 10:07 half face reveal of Rick Noah 🤣

    Brittany Fit 4 Recovery strongBrittany Fit 4 Recovery strong13 ditë më parë
    • Yes half face reveal

      Abigail RamkarranAbigail Ramkarran11 ditë më parë
  • Hi I love your video 😜

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    LLM VuLLM Vu14 ditë më parë
  • Why is this so funny 😂

    Slimaker SaraSlimaker Sara14 ditë më parë
  • Rebecca Maddie cheated she switched into 10 second thing that's why she said that's there's a twist and Rick Noah was in on it

    DougandDawn ChmielDougandDawn Chmiel14 ditë më parë
  • Maddie and Rick Noah cheated

    PxndaPlayzPxndaPlayz14 ditë më parë
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    Nini RichardsonNini Richardson14 ditë më parë
  • Maddie cheated she opened her eyes and lift up the cup to see what she got and switched it so you can get the hot sauce

    mimimangalagiumimimangalagiu14 ditë më parë
  • Amen

    Carmichael SenoCarmichael Seno14 ditë më parë
  • Green boy is a robot

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  • Rick Noah is a robot that’s why his biggest fear is 💦

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    EST 19XXEST 19XX16 ditë më parë
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    Jay NitisJay Nitis16 ditë më parë
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