We Were Hunted During Hide and Seek by Real Bounty Hunter!

23 Maj 2021
1 888 152 Shikime

Someone is Sus for setting this up! It all Started when Rebecca Zamolo created "I Got Plastic Surgery and Instantly Regret It..." Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded "24 DARES IN 24 HOURS CHALLENGE." Finally the Game Master Network posted "Body Swap Reverse! Switching Matt and Maddie Back True Identity." Now Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel and Maddie are all taken to a hidden park where they are left to play a game of hide and seek. However its like capture the flag but one person is the bounty hunter and the rest are the hunted. If you survive and are able to win this challenge. But a mystery person has entered the field. Who is it and can we still trust Daniel? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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